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ChaN :  Of course, the master mind behind the galvo project
and his BBS :

Two great sources of semiconductor datasheets:


SpeedyPCB  The guy working there who will provide your quotation is named Tim and he is very cool and friendly.

Sam's Laser FAQ
This is THE spot on internet where I get most of the information I want.  If you have a question, start here!

Also, one of the greatest feature, is the local installation of the files on your machine, if you want to work offline.

Bill Lu
email : [email protected]
This guy is an engineer who created a set of galvos that can compete with the well renown Cambridge Technologies' CT6800HP at a competitive price.  He has the whole kit - galvos, amps, power supply.   Go ask him about it and tell him Norm sent you!

Hilbren, he has already made a moving coil galvo :

Super Magnet Man, (aka George Mizzell), who has provided me with custom magnets for the galvos :

Calibra301 :  This guy has a great page and offers very cool free software

Jeroen, who has made CAD drawings of his galvo "in the planning" :

Tobias, a student who undertakes a new challenge, inspired from Chan, and this site.  Check for "Variante 1"

LaserBoy , This multi talented guy named James Lehman has the coolest homemade laser show ever!  It has full color and nice General Scanning galvos. - HIGH SPEED Pro stuff.
Also take time to check his site - impressive artsy too.

Diane, quite an accomplished lady.  The first female laserist ever!  (at least to my knowledge)   Believe it or not, she builds lasers as a hobby...  and we are not talking about hooking up a power supply to a HeNe tube here.   This is very high tech and complex stuff.

LaserFX, Tons of important information, like how to calibrate your laser system.

Bertie Genade's home page.    Has an interesting system that he built himself from scratch.  It uses open loop scanners with a current feedback to emulate closed loop.  Can do both steering and blanking.
Also, if you dig his site you will find many other cool projects.

Robin has a great site, with tons of info on lasers, galvos, and other resources.

Jason Cobham  has built a galvo pair and is probably about to fire them up.  Go see his pictures.
Jason's Galvos

Francois Dubrulle  Quite a cool guy from France, and very knowledgeable.  Developing the FALCON galvo, which seems very promising and original.  You will find a lot of interesting theory there, and calculations too.
Francois Dubrulle

Has created a cool device to display patterns that follow music.  Go see that.

Rick Poulin
He's a really cool fellow who lives near me in Ottawa.  We've become good friends, and he comes over to my home once in a while to help me with some projects and share ideas, tools, etc.  He wrote a nice book on lasers, and you will find useful information there, plus lots of ideas and tips on how to build projectors.  I strongly recommend that you buy it - the value is great.  It's an electronic copy that you can download from his website.  Check it out here: