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Successful Galvo Kit Builders


I decided to put all the pictures I receive from those who are building my galvo kit.


Let's share our experiences.


PLEASE make my life easier!!!!   Send only JPG format, okay?  No BMP, PDF, DOC, etc.

If you need a good and free utility to convert images, I suggest:


Igor (Russia)


Very cool setup Igor.  He's the first to show me an ILDA test pattern and some animations.  He can do 18KPPS, which is even better than me!  Thanks for sharing.



Jordy (Netherlands)

Not fully completed and optimized, but nice progress well built.  Thanks for sharing.
See all pics here:

René (Netherlands)

I am really impressed by this kid's work.  He's only 15 years old but already has lots of knowledge and experience.

See all photos here:

Send me yours...

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