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RGB laser diode driverSMD to DIP/SIP adapters+/-15V reg power supply+/-18V unreg power supplyAdjustable lab power supply


SMD to DIP/SIP adapters



This has been developed to easy prototyping of SMD chips on breadboards, wirewrap projects or PCB.


There are 10 adapters per board:


- 2 X SOT 20 pins, one converts to DIP, the other to SIP
- 3 X MSOP 10 pins to DIP
- 5 X TSSOP 16 pins to DIP.  Two of which have the chip on their end, and the three others between the rows of pins.  Sometimes it's more convenient to use one or the other, depending on your breadboard or PCB configuration.

Of course, if your chip is a TSSOP 10 pins, you can use the TSSOP 16 pins with it and leave the others unused.

You may use solid pins like I show here, or you may prefer to use individual wires for more flexibility.  Wirewrap sockets are great because they allow accessible probing points.


$15US per board (i.e. 10 adapters) + shipping


NOTE - the pins are not included, only the uncut PCB.




Go see seller ID eKits4All on eBay for the listings or contact me directly.

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