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RGB laser diode driverSMD to DIP/SIP adapters+/-15V reg power supply+/-18V unreg power supplyAdjustable lab power supply


TRIPLE 3A Laser Diode Driver

with analog modulation

Revision 2.0

(based on revision 1.2 of the popular single version)

Specifically designed to help you build a compact RGB system similar to this one:


See my Projects (Mini RGB tab) page for more photos of this system.





- Can supply regulated current up to 3A per channel

- Very safe for sensitive and expensive laser diodes - no current spikes

- Can do Analog and TTL modulation up to 40KHz

- Standard control voltage from 0 to 5V

- Super compact, high quality PCB

- Extra pads for 5V output


$75US + shipping




Go see seller ID eKits4All on eBay for the listings or contact me directly.

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