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Bipolar Multiple Outputs Lab Power Supply



This nice lab power supply has seven outputs, and was specifically designed to develop projects using sensitive devices such as laser diodes. Of course, it can be used in any other electronic project requiring bipolar voltages and current of up to 3A per polarity (6A total).


- Fixed Regulated Outputs: +15V, -15V, +5V, each up to 1.5A.
- Variable Regulated Outputs: 0V to +/-16V, with separate coarse and fine adjustments for positive and negative. Each up to 3A.
- Unregulated Outputs: +20V and -20V, each up to 3A. Fused.
- Special design on adjustable regulators that inverts the nasty effect of dead/dirty pots where traditionally, the voltage would climb to max, and probably destroy the device connected (typically an expensive laser diode!).  But here, if any of the 4 pots becomes worn or dirty, the output will go down to near 0.
- Precision adjustment of zero on variable outputs. These go down to 0V and not 1.2V like most circuits.
- Quality potentiometers
- Dual transformer/bridge/capacitor design to minimize cross-polarity load variations.
- Simple linear design, easy to repair, no exotic or expensive parts.
- 0.10 ohm 1% 2W resistor on each output to allow easy current measurement without (dis)connecting.
- Expansion connector: 20 pins DIP footprint with all signals to monitor voltage and current. This could have many uses, for example to add a flat cable that brings a small measurement panel closer to you, or to a dial with multiple readings.
- 10 X 12 empty solder pads on center portion of PCB to add your own circuit and features. Ex: Crowbar protection, signal generator, power opamp, test tones.
- Supports both 120VAC and 240VAC.

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