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April 25, 2009

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Norm's Homemade Laser Show



I decided to put all the pictures I receive from you fellow "galverists" !!!


Let's share our experiences.


If I forgot you or have updates, do not hesitate to send me an email:

PLEASE make my life easier!!!!   Send only JPG format, okay?  No BMP, PDF, DOC, etc.

(If you need a good and free utility to convert images, I suggest xnview)



Wesley, aka Dnst (Netherlands)


Wow!!!  He's the first guy to do 3 colors.  Look at this ILDA pattern: simply perfect at 9Kpps.  Also note that he uses RF PD.  My name in color... how flattering!



Sergey (Russia)


A totally different approach:  An opened-loop system build from hard drive voice coils.  Of course you don't get speed and precision of closed-loop galvos, but you can move that beam around and do some cool graphics.



Matthias (Germany)


They simply look like pro galvos!  I can't wait the see the ILDA pattern coming out of these.




Good results are shown here.  Congrats Martin.  He used opened-loop galvos and turned them into closed-loop.  Clever guy!  Saved himself a lot of precision mechanical building trouble.



Ken (Ireland)


Nice prototype in progress.


Didn't I tell you we have a 4 yo kid amongst us who builds galvos too?   He says he's gonna use the galvos to draw perfect lines in the corn fields so he can drive his tractor straight when he becomes a farmer... (inside)



Toby (USA)


No galvo pics yet, but he has a sound card he modified to send the coords.  That's very interesting.  Hopefully, he'll share the details with us.





He has made some open loop galvos in the past.  See his site on the links page.  They are moving coils and heat up quickly.  But now, he's ready for the real thing!



Jose (Portugal)


Another promising work in progress.  Since I'm too lazy to extract and crop each picture manually, I let you open the PDF and look at it.



Updated Sep 14, 2005:  c'mon Jose... You say you have a pair of working galvos?  I've asked you a few times to show us those pics, but.... I'm still waiting!


Updated Oct, 19, 2005:  Okay, you've got it!  I admit.  Let's see what your projector can do.

Jose Laser Show in action  (2.8MB)





This guy has a nice galvo that has a carbon fiber shaft and removable PD disc.  He is already in the process of testing the PD.  So far, the results are pretty nice.





This guy's so lucky!  He has access to a milling machine that can make PCB that look this nice.  Check it out !


See more pics of his galvos in progress here:  Jason Galvos





Yours will go here!


(waiting for...)



Martin (done! Oct 5, 2006)