NEW!>>>FrameStreamer Express 2.0<<<NEW!
RGB laser diode driverSMD to DIP/SIP adapters+/-15V reg power supply+/-18V unreg power supplyAdjustable lab power supply


FrameStreamer Express 2.0

aka FSX 2.0

ILDA compliant USB DAC





- ILDA compliant
- 12bits X/Y for high resolution graphics
- 8bit RGB analog outputs
- Up to 40KPPS
- Balanced outputs on XY
- Single-ended RGB outputs
- 4 TTL outputs of >300mA each. Can drive small motors or solenoid directly, diode-protected against flyback.
- 2 extra optional low power TTL outputs
- XY size control pots
- Self powered. Note: 500mA total from USB, but external power connector available if more current needed.
- Firmware upgradeable
- Elegant and compact enclosure
- Designed, built and tested in Canada
- Compatible with NLS, MambaBlack, HE-Laserscan and Spaghetti

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