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May 04, 2010

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>> Get the NLS free software here <<


Download here:  (7.7 MB) - Norm's Laser Show - version 1.7 Beta 1
You must decompress the installation files to a temporary folder and run setup.exe.

NOTE:  If you have installed a previous version, start this one without removing the old one, and choose "Repair".


- Harmonograph Pattern Generator - aka HPG (NEW!)
- Integrated support for both FSX 1.x and FSX 2.0 devices (NEW!)

- Temporarily removed Parallel port DAC support for this version
- Audio Events to have playback to follow music
- Color support  (Fixed ILDA standard palette)
- Color remapping, to allow RGY systems to see blue as green for example, and prevent "color holes".
- FrameStreamer Express (USB DAC) support
- Auto tracing capability of JPG and BMP files
- Automatic scan speed adjustment per frame (point speed)
- Independent Frame Duration control (frame rate)
- Freeze Frame
- Instant text display
- ILD Playlist, with individual file settings for duration, and scan rate, frame rate
- Screen update while playback


Autotrace Sample (contains a sequence of JPGs to demonstrate how autotrace works)

Updated  May 4, 2010
MLD driver for
    > MambaBlack,
    > HE-Laserscan and
    > Spaghetti Laser Show

Download yours here:
    MLD for FSX 1
    MLD for FSX 2

- Mamba Black: Extract the MLD file, and copy it in the same folder as mamba.exe

- HE-Laserscan: Follow the instructions in the readme.txt file under the ML_Driver folder where you installed HE-Laserscan.