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December 28, 2009

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With lots of patience, careful building and tuning, the NLS Kit can do up to 16KPPS at 16 degrees.

To see the details, go here.

For $200 USD
The KIT includes these items:

  1. Galvo body parts (hand-made machined custom parts)

  2. Galvo rotor parts (2 machined magnets and 4 aluminum tubes)

  3. 4 stainless steel bearings

  4. All semiconductors

  5. All discrete components (res, pots, caps, diodes, relays)

  6. All PCBs: 1 X PCB for dual-channel driver and 2 X PCBs for optical position detector (OPD)

  7. 2 DB9 female connectors for PCB

  8. Schematics (printed on 11X17" format)

  9. Documentation (PDF format only - no hard copy)

  10. One power connector, 3 pins with screws.

  11. Two hand-cut mirrors. A bit irregular but good enough for testing. Aluminum, first surface, 1mm thick.

  12. XY mounting blocks for galvos. Just two aluminum blocks actually that you drill and mount on your own base. See below:

I can provide also with you with a nice custom-made mounting block for this kit - see below.   It's $30US.

Now, here's the list of WHAT YOU DO NOT GET with this Kit:

  1. Power supply (see other kits)

  2. Laser

  3. DAC board (see my other kits if you need one)

  4. Wiring

  5. Heat sink

  6. Hardware (nuts, bolts, washers, mounting posts, etc.)

  7. DB9 male and connectors

  8. Hard copy of instructions.  You have to print it yourself if you need one.  I provide the schematics because it has a large format and it's only one double-sided sheet.

If you're interested:

  1. Send me an email to let me know, including your shipping address

  2. I will calculate the shipping fees based on your address, and tell you what are your options.   NOTE: I use Canada Post's Xpresspost service.  It has tracking number and insurance.  The delivery time is 4 to 7 business days worldwide.

  3. You send me the payment using one of the following method: Cheque, money order, or PayPal (my account ID

  4. Once I got the money, I prepare the kit and send it within a week.

  5. I send you an email to tell you that the kit has been shipped and give you the tracking number if applicable.


See the RGB projections from my homemade galvo kit and mini RGB laser.

Of course, this page would not be complete without a link to the master who is behind all this project, and who started it all, Mr. Chan.

BTW, thanks Chan for giving me the explicit permission to use parts of your design in my kit!

SOLD-OUT and Discontinued - Has been replaced by a USB version - the FrameStreamer Express

LPT port DAC, based on the DAC0832 circuit

Supports red and green blanking as is (aka RGY).  But if you need full RGB support, add $5 for extra parts.  Connects to the parallel port.

$23US + shipping